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Thanks & Happy New Year to all,

– Myah xo

I’m on Bloglovin!

Coveted Closet: High End Wishlist

Fall is here! And here in Georgia that means that you’ll freeze in the morning and probably start sweating in the afternoon. Here are some high end looks on my first Coveted Closet for this blog!Coveted Closet: High End Wishlist1.  After Fashion Month, I’ve been obsessed with some of the street style looks that I saw, such as this jacket! I love the faux fur lining and the way it kinda looks like comfy sweatpant material.
2. I can’t think of another affordable brand that does skirts (and all their other products!) as amazing and Zara does. I’m inlove with this skirt as well as all their other skirts.They’re inexpensive yet their quality is amazing, they often get mistaken for some other high end brands.
3. I have yet to meet someone who shares the same passion for boots as I do. I’ll wear them all year long, no regrets. When I saw these Burberry boots my first thought was “I need to put this on my CC and then buy them ASAP”
4. I wore a friends tortoise eyeglasses just for the heck of it and I never wanted to give them back. I used to hate glasses (even though I don’t even need them) but now they can certainly polish off an outfit perfectly.
5 & 10. Overalls! The 90’s are truly back you guys. Its everywhere. Sometimes I walk into school expecting to see Cher Horowitz. These overalls are so perfect and I’ve been trying to get my hands on a pair for ages. Thanks to Topshop I can finally get them!
6. When I first saw this Saint Laurent I nearly screamed. I don’t know what it is but I am so infatuated with this pricey little thing. This entire CC would’ve been this bag and other Saint Laurent products if I hadn’t restrained myself.
7. Just like number 1, this jacket just makes me feel like a chic street style professional who just wants to stay warm and cozy while looking fabulous.
8. These skirts will be the end of me! The buttons on the front and the suede material has literally been all over Fashion Month! Thanks to Topshop (yet again) I can have one in every color
9. These Dior glasses, oh my. I saw them this past weekend and I didn’t want to leave the store without them, too bad I had to ): I love these statement glasses so much as well as the gold ones, they just look so amazing.
So there’s my first Coveted Closet, I hope you enjoyed and maybe even gained some style inspo from it!
Thanks, Until next time,
                                           Myah xo
Song of the post: Love Myself – Hailee Steinfeld
                         I first heard this song the morning of my 17th birthday (even though the only song playing that day was Abba “Dancing Queen”) which just passed on Oct.5th and it was just perfect and its been on repeat since then, pretty symbolic if you ask me.
Coveted Closet: High End Wishlist

Here’s Lucidem! – An Intro

Hi there, I’m Myah and welcome to my blog. Here you’ll find a little bit of everything, from beauty, fashion, and bits and pieces of my life all from my perspective! (hence the name Lucidem)

Speaking of names, I was very torn on what to call this. I wanted something unique and not too cliche and to somehow tie it into my name. Lucid – because this blog is basically me in text form and Em – because my first name begins with M and the extra E just makes it look better

So theres the intro, hope it’ll make you stick around and see what I have in store! I’ll most likely try to post on the weekends since I am a student but that doesn’t mean its only going to be limited to that.

Thanks again & see you soon!

XO – Myah (:

Here’s Lucidem! – An Intro